9 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

January 3, 2022
Water Softener in South Charleston, WV

If you have hard water at home, you should consider treating it by eliminating the minerals that make your water hard. This would go a long way toward preventing a slew of costly problems linked with hard water. Invest in a water softener that turns hard water into soft water, which will provide you with several benefits. Why should you spend the money to have a water softener fitted? Here are some of the advantages you will gain.

1. Save Money

A home water softening system softens water, which helps to minimize mineral accumulation in hard water. This will prevent clogging or damage to your plumbing. Soft water is also gentler on your appliances, which will assist in extending their lifespan. You will use significantly less water and soap when cleaning since soft water lathers easier. This will allow you to save a significant amount of money.

2. Healthier Hair and Skin

Hard water depletes the natural hydration and oils in your hair and skin, leaving them dry. Soft water, on the other hand, has fewer minerals, enabling your skin to soak up and retain moisture more easily. Having a shower with soft water also aids in balancing the acidity of your hair and boosts the effectiveness of shampoos. This will result in shinier, healthier hair and smoother, more radiant skin.

3. Maintain Softer Clothing

Another advantage of having a water softener in your house is that your clothing will be softer. Because soap does not dissolve effectively in hard water, garments emerging out of the dryer may feel stiffer than you recall. Synthetic materials may also create more static. A water softener system can help you retain a healthier mineral balance in your water, making your clothes feel softer and reducing static cling.

4. Better Tasting Water

Some people have battled with hard water that has left a bad taste in their mouth or makes their gums more sensitive due to an excess of minerals. A domestic water softener benefits you by purifying your drinking and cooking water. It also prevents magnesium, sulfur, and iron accumulation, which causes acidic tastes and rusting on fixtures.

5. Cleaner Dishes

Hard water may leave spots and stains on dishes, causing them to never seem clean enough for guests. Your dishes could also seem hazy rather than bright after being washed in hard water caused by a lack of magnesium, which enhances shine. A home water softening system will eliminate unwanted minerals in the water, so stains and spots disappear, leaving your dishes sparkling clean.

6. Reduces the Accumulation of Lime on Plumbing Fixtures

Water with a high mineral content may cause limescale to form on the insides of water heating systems and dishwashing machines. Leaks, rust, and an undesirable flavor in your water supply can all be caused by mineral accumulation. Having a water softener system gives you the advantage of eliminating unwanted minerals from your bathing or washing water, ensuring that no limescale remains behind to cause harm.

7. Allows the Water Heater to Heat Up the Water More Quickly

Because iron in the water heater draws these minerals, it takes much longer for your water to warm up if hard water travels through the tank. A water softening system helps by eliminating unwanted minerals from your water before it flows through the water heater, allowing heat to be maintained more effectively and providing hotter water faster.

8. Increases the Lifespan of Your Plumbing System

Water with high levels of minerals will promote corrosion inside of pipes, resulting in leakage, rusting, and deterioration over time. Softened water will not leave unwanted minerals in your pipes since it will travel through easily. Therefore, your plumbing system will benefit from the elimination of these minerals.

9. Enhances the Effectiveness of Water-Using Appliances

A home water softening system is beneficial to your dishwasher because it lessens the effects of hard water, which causes inner components to deteriorate faster and could even lead to corrosion within the device. The dishwasher’s performance will improve with a home water softening system installed. The advantages of having a home water softening system will also extend to your laundry machine since less detergent is used, resulting in additional savings on your utility costs month after month.

A water softening system installation takes some plumbing skills. You should consider hiring a professional plumber to ensure great work. You can rely on Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs in the Kanawha and Putman County area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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