The Ultimate Furnace Maintenance Checklist

February 15, 2024
The Ultimate Furnace Maintenance Checklist

A furnace is an essential piece of equipment for keeping your house warm and comfortable in the winter. But if you don’t take adequate care of it, you can wind up with a dangerous, ineffective, or defective furnace. To make sure your furnace is in good condition that can serve you for many years to come, here is the ultimate maintenance checklist that our technicians perform.

1. Examine the Heat Exchanger and CO2 Detector

The heat exchanger is a component of the furnace that distributes heat from the combustion chamber to the air ducts. The colorless, odorless, and lethal gas carbon monoxide (CO2) can seep into your home from a broken or damaged heat exchanger.

We check for any indications of corrosion, cracks, or holes in order to prevent this. We also inspect the CO2 detector, a gadget that warns you if the amount of CO2 in your house is too high.

2. Clean and Inspect Burners and Flame Sensor

Burners ignite fuel to generate heat while the flame sensor senses if there is a flame. If there isn’t one, the sensor turns off the gas valve. The effectiveness and safety of your furnace may be impacted as a result of the burners and flame sensor becoming dirty or worn out over time.

To know whether they are operating appropriately, the flame’s color and shape should be blue and steady. So, if the flame is uneven, flickering, or yellow, we change or adjust the burners.

3. Replace the Air Filter

The air that enters the furnace and flows around your house is filtered by the air filter. Your furnace may experience increased wear and tear, decreased efficiency, and reduced airflow if you have a filthy or clogged air filter. It may also have an impact on the quality of the air and harm your family’s health.

You should change the air filter at least once every three months; if you live in a dusty area, have pets, or suffer from allergies, you should do it more frequently. Speak with our technicians who will make sure the new filter fits the dimensions and style of your furnace and is oriented correctly. When we perform our furnace maintenance, we replace the air filter as well.

4. Examine the Fan

The fan’s job is to force warm air into the ducts so that it can be distributed throughout your house. Your furnace’s comfort and performance may be impacted by noise, vibration, and restricted airflow caused by a malfunctioning or unclean fan. Our technicians inspect and clean the fan blades, removing dirt, dust, or debris.

5. Calibrate the Thermostat

Your furnace’s temperature and operation are managed by the thermostat. Your furnace may run too frequently or insufficiently due to a malfunctioning or inaccurate thermostat, wasting energy and money while also causing your house to become excessively hot or chilly.

We ensure the thermostat is in the appropriate mode and at a temperature that is pleasant for you and your family. Additionally, we inspect the calibration, which must be precise and reliable, as well as the wiring and connections, which must be tight and secure.

7. Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks are the openings or breaches in your house that let in outside air and allow heated or cooled air to escape. Air leaks can raise your energy costs and carbon footprint while also lowering the comfort and efficiency of your furnace. Air leaks should be conveniently sealed as soon as you notice them.

8. Lubricate All Parts

Lubricating your furnace’s working parts is another fundamental furnace maintenance task that we perform. These parts include the fan, belts, bearings, and blower motor. By lubricating these components, wear and tear, noise, and friction will be decreased. It will also save you expensive repairs and increase the furnace’s lifespan.

To oil these parts, we will need to shut off your furnace’s gas and electricity supplies. Next, we’ll find your furnace’s oil ports and fill each one with a few drops of light oil.

Contact Furnace Professionals

A well-maintained furnace can last longer, perform better, and save you money on your utility bills. Furnace maintenance needs qualified and experienced furnace professionals who can inspect, clean, and repair your furnace as needed. Don’t wait until your furnace breaks down.

Contact us today at Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to schedule your furnace maintenance service in South Charleston and The Kanawha Valley. Our other services include plumbing repair, drain cleaning, faucet repair and installation, toilet repair and replacement, AC installation and repair, duct work, and more.

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