How To Light The Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

February 13, 2020
If your hot water heater’s pilot light isn’t lit, it can be a major problem for you. To help you light your pilot light in your hot water heater quickly and easily, just follow these three easy steps:

1. Determine if Your Hot Water Heater is Automatic or Manual

The first step is to determine what type of water heater you have. You need to know if your water heater is automatic or manual.

To do this, check out the silver box that is sticking out on the side of your hot water heater. There should be a large dial that says pilot on it. If you see a button next to it with the word ignition under it, then you have an automatic hot water heater. If you do not see the ignition button, you have a manual hot water heater.

If you’re having a hard time with this step, we have years of experience with hot water heaters. Contact Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, and we would love to help you.

2. Lighting the Pilot Light on a Manual Hot Water Heater

If your hot water heater is a manual, grab a long lighter. After removing the metal plate covering the pilot button, scan the interior and find the pipe or pipes that lead up to the burner. Turn the pilot dial to the off position and wait 5-10 minutes for any gas to dissipate. Then, turn the pilot dial until it says the word pilot. After that, set your temperate knob to low. Now, hold the pilot dial down while you light the burner. You’re going to hold the pilot button down for at least 30 seconds before you release it.

3. Lighting the Pilot Light on an Automatic Hot Water Heater

For an automatic hot water heater, just repeat all steps above. But this time, do not remove any plates. All you have to do is hold the pilot knob down for 30 seconds and hold the ignition button at the same time. You do not need to use a lighter. Your pilot light will turn on!

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