Can you do Zoning with Smart Thermostats?

July 14, 2020
HVAC Zoning in South Charleston, WV
Updated On: 10/25/2023

Smart thermostats are the future of cooling. These products get the job done every time and in an efficient manner. Furthermore, smart thermostats allow for a certain level of zoning, which is a popular concept for homeowners who want complete control over their homes.

What Is Zoning?

To start, you’ll need to understand the principles of zoning. It’s the practice of controlling the temperature of your home in multiple zones. When you think about it, your living room doesn’t need to be cooled in the same manner as your kitchen. Your bedrooms are another topic altogether. You can create different zones in your home to satisfy these needs. Simply put, zoning gives you more freedom and choices when it comes to cooling the different areas of your home.

There are way more options than simply off and on. You can use zoning options to meet the needs of household members with different preferences. Importantly, zoning goes far beyond just a couple of numbers on a screen. There are so many factors such as ventilation, positioning, and airflow that affect zones for the better or worse. Because no two homes are exactly the same, you can’t simply replicate the zones of a home you find online. You’ll need to consider the layout of your home and how the rooms are connected to one another. A little bit of smart zoning goes a long way when trying to stay cool in the summer.

How Do Smart Thermostats Accomplish Zoning?

Smart thermostats can control temperatures in different rooms through a process called sensor-based zoning. Essentially, the sensors send temperature information back to the thermostat, which can then make the necessary adjustments to match your settings.

Zoning by Floor

Zoning by floor is a common way of zoning. It’s very natural to separate your home by the first floor and the second floor. Smart thermostats align with this approach as there are different mechanisms for each floor. It’s very easy to set the bottom floor of your home to a cool temperature and the upper floor of your home to a warm temperature. Smart thermostats are extremely responsive in this regard, and you can even extend the principle to your basement and attic. We all know that warm air tends to settle, and cool air tends to rise. So, basic science helps a smart thermostat create zones by elevation.

Zoning by Room

Zoning by room takes this concept to the next level. Fortunately, a smart thermostat is just what you want for this task. When installing the thermostat, it’s quite easy to put a dial or an interface in every room of your home. All of these interfaces are connected to the central system, and they can each request their own temperatures simultaneously. Smart thermostats ensure that the rooms don’t conflict with one another. When trying to zone with a conventional thermostat, one room might be dragging the others down if it is requesting a cooler temperature. Smart thermostats give an additional degree of separation that allows for complete control over the climate.

Advantages of Smart Thermostats

What are some unique advantages of smart thermostats when it comes to zoning? One great thing is how smart thermostats can be controlled from everywhere. Traditional thermostats have a single dial that sits in your living room. By now, you’re probably aware that smart thermostats have remote controls and multiple dials all over your home. When one room feels too hot or cold, you can set up a zone on demand without heading out to the living room. It’s simply more convenient overall.

Smart thermostats can also hone in on specific temperatures better than their counterparts. When you prescribe 70 degrees for one room and 65 degrees for another, you’ll get exactly those temperatures. This is a much better deal than older thermostat models that are only able to approximate the zones you desire. If you close doors and windows, you can create enclosed pockets in your home for even better results.

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With the right smart thermostat, you’ll be able to do zoning in your home. A professional HVAC company such as Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in South Charleston, WV, can bring you up to speed on both zoning and smart thermostats. We can install thermostats in just a matter of hours for your comfort. In addition, we specialize in water tank replacement, sewer issues, and faucet repairs. For heating and cooling services and more, give us a call at Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

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