10 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

March 19, 2020

Your plumbing system can break down or malfunction at any time of the day. Plumbing emergencies are usually due to one of 10 common reasons. All of these need to be dealt with promptly to prevent them from wreaking havoc in your home.

1. No Hot Water

The first thing to check is that the temperature setting on your hot water heater hasn’t been changed. This issue is usually otherwise caused by your hot water heater failing, an electrical issue, or a leak in your plumbing fixtures. Having a plumber figure out what’s happening is the first step toward a solution to this problem.

2. Leaky Faucets and Toilets

Leaky faucets and toilets can become an issue in your house. It’s not only annoying to listen to, but it can also cost you a lot of money as your cash figuratively goes down the drain. Just one faucet dripping in your home can result in hundreds of gallons of water needlessly being wasted each year. It’s usually the case that an internal washer has deteriorated or become dislodged. With the right tools, a homeowner can take care of this problem himself or herself.

3. Clogged Sinks and Bathtubs

Kitchen and bathroom sinks can become clogged for many reasons. People pour grease in their kitchen sink, for example, not realizing that once it cools, it will harden and clog the plumbing. Hair is a big issue for bathroom sinks and bathtubs.

You should be cautious about using chemicals to clear a clog. Don’t mix different chemicals as that can produce toxic gas. Chemicals can damage your pipes if you use them multiple times. You should also be cautious about using a snake tool since you can damage the pipe, resulting in possible major water damage and a need for a plumber to replace the pipe altogether.

Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is a full-service heating, cooling, and plumbing company located in South Charleston, West Virginia. Our plumbers can safely clear your clogged sinks and bathtubs.

4. Burst Pipes

A common reason pipes burst is due to extremely cold weather. They can also burst due to being corroded by minerals and other particles in your water.

5. Sewer Backup

There are few things worse than the sewer backing up in your house. Sewers back up as a result of a blockage somewhere in the discharge pipe. Signs indicating that you may soon experience sewer backup are bad odors coming from your drains and a gurgling toilet.

6. Leaking Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machine hoses can break and begin to leak water. You should check them at least a few times a year to make sure they aren’t deteriorating. A leaking hose can result in mold and property damage.

7. Water Heater Leaks

Water heaters have a lifespan of eight to 12 years. At some point, they’ll begin to leak water and eventually burst. This can result in property damage. Water heaters can also spring a leak due to a damaged water heater valve, which isn’t that expensive to fix. If there’s any rust, it’s time to replace your water heater.

8. Broken Waterlines

This can happen due to tree roots growing into them, normal deterioration, and poor water pressure. Another common reason is homeowners digging a hole without finding out first if there’s a water line in the area.

9. Clogged Toilets

Toilets getting clogged is a common occurrence. A toilet may be blocked, leaking, not flushing, or making strange noises. This needs to be handled quickly; it’s a possible health risk and can result in property damage.

10. Failing Sump Pump

Sump pumps are used in crawlspaces to remove water. Their failure is often the result of a stuck switch. This can happen when the sump pump shifts its position. The float that moves the switch becomes stuck against the side of the pump, which means the switch stops working. Another common issue is that debris has made the float immobile.

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