Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

May 19, 2021
Refrigerator in South Charleston, West Virginia

Refrigerator leaks are a common refrigerator problem that a qualified technician can fix. Water puddling under the fridge is a warning sign of a serious underlying issue that you shouldn’t ignore. Chronic fridge leaks caused by high humidity levels, clogged defrost drain tubes, and water filter leaks can damage your floor and cause mold growth if you fail to address them in due time. Leaks can also increase energy bills and reduce your refrigerator’s lifespan. Read the information below to understand some common causes of refrigerator leaks and when to call a fridge expert for diagnosis and repairs.

1. Blocked Defrost Drain

A blocked defrost drain is a common cause of leaky refrigerators. The defrost drain blocks when food particles and other foreign objects obstruct the drain hose, leading to ice buildup. Eventually, water leaks out of the refrigerator and onto the floor. Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue by flushing the hose with warm water or calling a professional if the clog is severe.

2. Water Filter Leak

If your fridge is modern, it likely has a water filter. A broken connection between the filter and refrigerator could cause water leaks. Also, an old or a cracked water filter causes refrigerant leaks. A broken connection between the water filter and refrigerator could also be caused by installing the wrong filter size. It’s best to hire an expert for replacement or repairs so that you don’t have to keep cleaning up water puddles on the floor. Immediate repair also protects your refrigerator from further damage.

3. Cracked Drain Pan

The defrost pan located at the bottom of the refrigerator takes in the liquid from the defrost drain. Water usually accumulates in the pan and evaporates after some time. However, if there’s a crack or split on the drain pan, the water leaks to the floor. The water on the floor might evaporate after some time, especially if it’s in small amounts, and you might notice the leak. However, since it’s a safety hazard, you should hire a professional to fix the issue.

4. Faulty Ice Maker

Modern refrigerators have a built-in ice maker for convenience. Homeowners can enjoy fresh ice whenever they want. However, this feature can be inconvenient because it’s a common cause of refrigerator leaks. Water lines are connected to ice makers, and the connectors may sometimes wear out with age or crack. You can easily detect the leak by inspecting the ice maker connectors to determine whether they’re in perfect condition or leaking water.

5. High Humidity

Extreme humid weather conditions are also culprits of refrigerant leaks. That’s because the high humidity in the air mixes with the cold temperatures from the refrigerator. The condensation that forms fills the drain pan faster than usual. The drain pan then overflows, so you notice a water puddle on the floor. You can empty the drain pan manually during humid days to prevent refrigerator leaks. You may also install a dehumidifier in your kitchen if high humidity is frequent in your area.

6. Damaged Door Gasket

Little condensation drips on a fridge’s exterior or water in a line on the front of a refrigerator are signs of a damaged refrigerator door gasket. The door gasket in your refrigerator is made of pliable plastic surrounding the inner edges. When you close the fridge door, the plastic compresses to seal and prevent cold air from getting out of the refrigerator. Therefore, a damaged door gasket allows warm and cold air to meet. As a result, condensation pools up and appears like a leak. You should address the problem early enough to avert high energy bills and increase your refrigerator’s lifespan.

7. Refrigerator Door Left Open

When you leave your refrigerator door open for a long time, the appliance slowly accumulates water because warm air comes into the appliance. It overwhelms the evaporator system, causing a refrigerator leak. The solution would be to avoid opening the fridge door for a long period of time. Most modern refrigerators have an alarm to signal when the door is left open for excessive periods.

Ask the Pros

You may face minor or major household water damage due to a refrigerator water leak. Discovering the leaks early enough is important in preventing costly water damage and protecting your refrigerator from developing other problems. Reach out to our team of professionals in Kanawha Valley once you notice a sign of water leaks from your refrigerator. We provide water tank replacements, gas line repair and replacement, sewer and drain services, and tankless water heater installation. For more information about refrigerator leaks, contact Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today.

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