Turn Off Your Water Before Going on Vacation

July 27, 2021
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When the weather warms up and summer arrives, it is time for a great vacation. Now, before you pack your bags and start booking the hotels, take a moment to think about how you want to leave your house. Essentially, this is the point where you ask yourself if you should leave particular components of your house running. These components include the power supply and water supply.

Typically, with the most recent technology, you can protect your home from any power surge accidents that might happen when you are away. However, with water, this becomes a difficulty. Any plumbing emergency that occurs when you are away on vacation might cause extensive flooding and consequential water damage. For this particular reason, you should turn your water off before you hop on a ride to your vacation destination.

Why It Is Vital to Turn the Water Off When Going on a Vacation

If after vacation you come home to a flooded home and destroyed floorboards, your subsequent holidays will never be as enjoyable unless you ensure that the main water supply is turned off. The following are some of the primary reasons why you should turn the water off before leaving.

1. Massive Water Damage

Let us keep this simple and short. Nothing ruins a good home like fire or water. If your main water supply is on, and an accident happens, the next thing that happens is leakage or high levels of water spillage. Now, plumbing emergencies can result from something as simple as a minor leak or as significant as a burst water pipe. When there is constant running of water, the leaks might worsen and cause spillage. Therefore, to ensure that you minimize the risk of water causing havoc in your home, turn off the main water supply before leaving.

2. Expensive Repair Costs

You probably have home insurance somewhere. However, with the kind of damage that water causes, you will still be running low on finances when the whole house dries and gets cleaned up and the components are replaced. In addition to replacing some of the major wooden structures that get damaged, you may also have to do a complete rewiring of your electricity supply system.

Recovering from water damage takes a long time. In addition, your insurer might decide to suddenly go into cost-minimization and leave you with a soaking house for months. Due to the rising cases of this kind of damage, some insurers have added clauses that might render your insurance voidable if you leave your water running for a particular amount of time.

3. Massive Inconvenience

Now, before you can settle your insurance claim, you may need to seek alternative accommodations. In some cases, a claim settlement can take several months before you can get the check. During this time, you may have to find another place to stay, and that will come at extra costs. In addition, water damage can cause emotional stress that comes from lost prized possessions. That said, failing to turn off the water and the consequent damage can lead to you having to adopt a less comfortable life, which is inconvenient.

Other Actions to Take before Going on a Vacation

1. Drain the Water Pipes

If you are the winter vacation type, consider draining your pipes before you go. Water is bound to freeze during winter. This causes the bursting of pipes and can lead to extensive flooding and water damage.

2. Inspect Your Water Supply Lines

Typically, most major water problems can be prevented by evaluating and fixing the minor issues that appear. For example, if you notice a frayed, leaking, or damaged line, you should replace it before leaving your home. This protects you from any leakage that might arise from residual water.

3. Ensure That the Sump Pump Is Operational and Well Plugged In

A house flooded with sewage is even worse than one inundated with water. To avoid such a situation, keep the sump pump fastened to its place. In addition, take a keener look at it before you leave for the vacation to ensure that it’s plugged in properly.

4. Check Your Gutters

Gutters are another source of water. If they fail to drain adequately, the water might end up in your house and give you an experience similar to a broken pipe.

Nothing would feel as bad as coming back from a vacation to a destroyed home. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, turn off the water before you leave. At Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we offer plumbing, cooling, heating, and ductwork services in Kanawha Valley. In addition, we offer home remodeling and restructuring. To learn more, call us at Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today.

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