Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Kanawha Valley, WVMullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is experienced and trusted for sewer line repair in Kanawha Valley, WV. All the water going through your plumbing will eventually end up in the main sewer line. The drain may develop faults and frequent clogs that can have adverse effects on your home. In extreme cases, it can get to the point where you will have to get a replacement.

    Our sewer line replacement and repair crew can provide outstanding services regardless of your location in the South Charleston area. You can find our office past Exxon Gas Station off of Maccorkle Avenue SW on B street.

    Top Sewer Line Replacement and Repair in Kanawha Valley

    Your drain faces many different challenges during its lifetime. Problems could start from a seemingly mundane issue like a sagging sewer line. Debris then collects at the lowest point of the pipe, causing recurring blockages.

    You may also increase the risk of clogging, depending on how you treat your plumbing. You ought to avoid flushing certain items down the toilet. These include hair, fats, oils, dental floss, baby wipes, and more. In short, only tissue paper and human waste should go down the drain.

    Additionally, leaks can develop along the drain line due to persistent clogging or problems along the joints. The soil may shift, weakening the seals on sections of the pipe.

    Top Sewer Line Replacement and Repair in Kanawha Valley

    Leakages can lead to damage of valuables and pose a health hazard. Some of the signs of faulty plumbing include:
    • Blockages on multiple fixtures
    • Frequent sewer line backups
    • Foul smell from drains
    • Soggy patches or soil indentation on lawn

    To find the leaks and clogs faster, our professional plumbers utilize miniature video technology and other cutting-edge tools. The camera can capture quality images to inform the next stage of the repair process. If the damages are extensive, it will often necessitate a replacement.

    Proven Sewer Line Repair Solutions

    When your drain is clogged or leaky, you deserve service with a quick response time. Since 1950, residents of Kanawha Valley have come to rely on our sewer repair and replacement service. We have a highly experienced team that can offer insights on repairs and replacements. Our company is locally owned and guarantees professionalism. We offer upfront pricing, and all of our plumbers are licensed and insured. Our goal is to provide a great customer experience.

    We work with different plumbing materials from copper and steel to plastic piping. Our staff is committed to working diligently and efficiently. You can expect our plumbers to perform the task right the first time.

    For a 100% satisfaction guarantee, call us today to schedule an appointment with our sewer line experts in Kanawha Valley. We also offer sewer services in Dunbar, Charleston, and South Charleston.