We can take care of any Plumbing Problem

From the smallest plumbing repair or clogged drain to new installation including water, sewer and gas lines, Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has been serving the Kanawha Valley and surrounding areas since 1950. We use quality equipment for plumbing repairs. Video camera inspections are used to diagnose your plumbing issues and jet machines to blast your pipes clean. We can update your old plumbing and fixtures to give your bathroom or kitchen an updated look. Or perhaps you are ready to tear it down to the stubs and have us install everything fresh and new for your dream kitchen or bath. We are here for you when you have an emergency with a 24-hour window.

Our Plumbing and Drain Services Include:

Plumbing Services in Kanawha Valley, WV

  • Faucet Repair

    Expert Kanawha Valley Faucet Repair

    Kanawha Valley, WV Faucet RepairFaucets need maintenance just like other items in your home. There are several working parts, from the washers and rings to the seats and stems. If your faucet is leaking, one of these items is probably the cause. Call Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to troubleshoot and resolve the issue before a small leak becomes water damage to your structure. If a fixture has been replaced several times, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace the fixture to prevent future damage. Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will install your purchased faucet or show you options for purchase and installation.

    For all of your plumbing needs, Mullen Plumbing Heating and Cooling will help you with installation, maintenance, and repairs on your faucets.

  • Plumbing

    Plumbing Installation Specialists

    Plumbing Installations in Kanawha Valley, WVWhether you are adding a new bathroom or just updating your fixtures, Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will provide the best custom installation in your home. Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling offers remodeling services. We can take apart an entire room, down to the stubs and rebuild your dream kitchen or bathroom.

    For all of your remodeling and plumbing installation needs, Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will build a custom room that exceeds your expectations.

  • Drain Cleaning

    Call Mullen for Drain Cleaning in Kanawha and Putnam County

    Drain Cleaning Services in Kanawha Valley, WVToilets, sinks and tubs usually share the same drain. A line blockage could affect any of these areas. Use Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to clear any line or fixture blockages. We do not recommend using acid-based products to clear clogs in your drains. The grease may be melt for a while and move further down the line making it more difficult to clean. Mullen Plumbing Heating and Cooling uses electric eels and high-pressure jets to take those clogs out of your drain.

    For all of your drain cleaning needs, Mullen Plumbing Heating and Cooling has the right tools for quickly locating clogs and clearing your drains.

  • Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

    You have worked hard to make your house a home. We appreciate and respect your home and do our best to put everything back the way we found it after a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. We treat your home as if it were our home by putting plastic under the dirt as it is removed to repair the line. We go above and beyond, even replacing grass with sod to put your yard back together if you choose.

    For all of your sewer line repair or replacement needs, Mullen Plumbing Heating and Cooling treats your home like our own homes. We get your home back to the condition it was or even better.

  • Backflow Prevention

    Backflow Prevention in Kanawha Valley, WVBackflow is the reverse flow of water or other substances into the treated drinking water distribution system. Drinking water that meets regulations leaving the water treatment facility can become contaminated in the distribution (pipeline) system by backflow when: A drinking water distribution main is unprotected because of the lack of a properly installed and functioning backflow prevention device on the service connection at the customer’s supply. A physical cross-connection is made between the drinking water distribution main and a contaminant source. Backflow conditions occur.

    Backflow contamination can be prevented. All water utility customers are required to have approved and functioning backflow-prevention devices installed.

    Let our Certified technicians install the required Backflow Prevention device correctly and safely. Call us today!