Indoor Air Quality Testing in Dunbar, WVIndoor air quality testing should be a priority for any homeowner in Dunbar, WV. You may not know it, but the air around you has a significant impact on your entire household’s health. Poor air quality may have pollutants that cause immediate problems like eye and nose irritation. And because you spend more time indoors, long-term exposure to bad air can lead to heart disease and cancer. Some of these air pollutants like asbestos and lead are invisible and can be in your house for decades. That’s why you need professional air quality testing for easier detection.

    Dunbar Indoor Air Quality Testing

    Indoor air within your home gets recycled continuously, so it easily traps pollutants and quickly builds up within the confined spaces. Bad air quality causes adverse health effects to the young and elderly and people suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. Effectively monitoring the air quality in your building ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy cleaner and healthier spaces free from harmful pollutants and chemicals.

    Indoor air quality tests are technically demanding, requiring you to hire a professional for the job. The first step involves a pre-sampling survey where an expert screens the air quality of the environment around your property. They also note down the weather conditions, outdoor air quality, and any on-site chemicals. The next step is drawing the air in your house into a container for sampling. The samples in each canister undergo a thorough analysis to test for a wide range of pollutants. Lastly, there is a review of the results to interpret the data from the IAQ tests.

    Here are five indicators that your home needs professional indoor air quality testing:
    • Unpleasant indoor smell
    • Unexplained allergic reactions
    • Mold growth
    • Recurrent headaches or nausea
    • Dust buildup

    Air Quality Testing Experts

    Air Quality Testing ExpertsMullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is ready to help keep your indoor air free of harmful pollutants. We offer Dunbar homeowners top-notch indoor air quality services to ensure that the air around you is safe for everyone. If you suspect an issue with the air quality in your living space, we are the right experts for the job. Our knowledgeable team will visit your home and collect air samples for analysis to know the causes of bad air quality. Our IAQ tests focus on issues like mold spores, carbon dioxide, dust, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds. We also assess the humidity and temperature within your home.

    After the analysis, we’ll tell you what we found, the source of the pollutants, and the best way to solve the problem. Whether we find minor or major issues, we’ll provide products to improve your indoor air quality and install them for you. These products include air purifiers, UV lights, humidifiers, and filtration systems. Our IAQ services are available in Dunbar Center, Grandview Memorial Park, and the surrounding areas.

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    We also offer indoor air quality in Kanawha Valley and South Charleston.