Whether your home is old or new, a reliable plumber in Sumerco, WV can help with your planned projects or unplanned emergencies. Using the services of an experienced and trained team of professionals like ours makes repairs, service, and installation easy and affordable.

    Your Go-To Emergency Plumber

    It’s important to react quickly to a plumbing emergency, as it will not only threaten your comfort and convenience but also your health. While some plumbing problems present warning signs before things get bad, other issues seem to come out of nowhere.

    Common breakdowns and repairs include:
    • Blocked sewage or clogged drains
    • Faucet and toilet repairs
    • Damaged sewer or water lines
    • Water heater issues

    Feces, hair, soap buildup, and other debris can reduce or stop water flow in your home. If plunging is not dislodging the blockage, you want to call in a professional who can safely reach the restriction and remove it using augers and professional-grade snakes. Home faucets and toilets have components that can wear out over time or degrade after years of contact with water. These repairs usually require shutting down the water for the device and replacing the defective parts causing the issue.

    Older pipes are susceptible to leaks that can damage other parts of the home, and pipes buried in the yard can collapse, causing wastewater to drain slowly or stop draining altogether. A professional plumber has the equipment to reach damaged areas in crawl spaces, inside walls, and beneath the ground.

    Water heater tanks will inevitably corrode, and heating elements or other parts will break down. A plumber can replace defective anode rods, burners, thermostats, valves, and even the entire tank so you can have hot water flowing once again.

    Plumbing Installations in Sumerco

    You need to consider installations when:
    • Upgrading water heaters
    • Adding equipment/plumbing to newly built rooms
    • Bringing older homes up to code
    • Replacing old plumbing

    Upgrades and new hardware provide better sewer and water control. It can also help you to get the most from your home when you sell or rent. Plumbing installations might also become a necessity as your home and family grows.

    We Do More Than Plumbing

    Plumbing systems inevitably run into problems from time to time, and we can help with a range of issues involving your drain, faucets, toilets, sewage lines, water heaters, and water lines. Our staff has the experience and training to tackle even the most challenging repairs and replacements. Also, we can help with home additions and other projects requiring new installations that meet up-to-date building codes.

    Contact Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today if you need a plumber, and learn first-hand why we have a good reputation with customers in Sumerco and the surrounding area.