How To Install Kitchen Sink Plumbing

June 12, 2021
Kitchen Sink Installation in South Charleston, WV

If you have your sink, countertop, and faucet, you can easily install it at a low price. A sink installation is not difficult since you only screw or glue the plumbing parts without solder. Connecting the drain tends to be the most challenging part of the sink installation job. However, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for how to install your sink.

Measure Your Sink’s Layout and Mark It

The first step of installing the sink is to mark the counter. You can do this by using the manual or by laying it upside down. This will enable you to align the marking on your counter with the one on the sink. Ensure that you leave around 1.5 inches between the backsplash and the back edge of the sink.

Put the Cutline Marks on the Counter

After connecting the marks using the straight edges, you’re likely to have a rectangular outline on your counter. Make the corners circular, and drill a hole using a spade bit.

Use Jigsaw to Cut the Sink Opening

The third step is to sew along the line to the back hole using a jigsaw blade. Do this on both sides. Ensure that you lay a piece of wood that is a bit longer than the sink area’s cut out. Screw the wood around the waste cut-out to prevent it from binding your saw blade or falling. Cut along the back and front cut lines, and then remove the cut-out piece. Check how the sink fits on the countertop, and do some trimming if necessary.

Install the Faucet

Once you have made the hole, it is now time to install the faucet. Begin with setting the sink upside down on a counter or padded sawhorse. Enter the tailpiece and the supply tubing of your faucet via the gasket that connects the faucet to your sink and then through the sink’s hole. Screw the washers and mounting nuts under the sink deck. Ensure that your faucet can swing comfortably before you tighten the nuts.

Put a Filter on the Plumber’s Putty

Now that the faucet is in place, take a thick roll of your plumber’s putty, and insert it under the lip of the filter. Then, push it via the drainage hole of your sink. Slip the washer, gasket, and housing onto your filter and against the under part of your sink. You will dab the pipe-joint compound on the thread, and then thread the sink’s locknut on the filter. Use pliers to fasten it.

Set Your Sink and Connect Your Water Supply

Around the underside of your sink, apply silicone plaster. It is now time to set your sink on the hole that you made earlier. Take your sink, and place it into your hole. Ensure that the sink’s parallel parts are aligned with the edges of the countertop. Connect your faucet to the shut-off knobs using braided steel horses or acorn-head supply pipes. Also, apply the sprayer pipe to the tailpiece of the faucet.

Connect Your Drainpipes

Measure the length of the pipe required to connect the trap to the trap adapter, as well as the length from drain elbow to the sink’s waste line. Slide the trap on the tailpiece so you can fine-tune the alignment and the length of the pipe. Take the pieces apart. Clean the cut ends using a utility knife, coat them using PVC primer, and dry. Swab your PVC cement on the two sides that are getting joined, and push the two together. Tighten and reassemble the threaded connections by hand.

Attach the Dishwasher Drain and Clean Up

The drain line gets attached to the tailpiece’s waste nib. Tighten your hose clamp using a screwdriver, and remove all the excess putty on your filter. Get rid of the aerator from your faucet, and open the water fully. Check whether there are any leaks at all connection points along the drain line and the supply. If there are any leaks, tighten the nuts carefully until the leak stops. Ensure that the edge of the counter is parallel with the front edge of the sink. Fill your sink with water, and leave it overnight to increase the stability as the seal sets.

Get Professional Sink Installation Services

If you do not have the time to install your sink, contact us for expert services. At Mullen Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we offer professional plumbing services to the residents of South Charleston, WV, and the neighboring areas. We also offer other services, including HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance. Call us today, and enjoy our timely and quality services.

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