5 Disadvantages of DIY AC Servicing

May 10, 2023
AC Repair in South Charleston, WV

It can create a sense of urgency when your air conditioner starts to malfunction during the sweltering heat of summer. It is normal to feel worried about expensive AC repairs. In an attempt to save money, do-it-yourself AC maintenance may seem like a great idea. In the heat of the moment, you may think watching how-to videos on the internet may be helpful when attempting a DIY. However, each AC unit model is different, and the content you watch may not apply to your unit. In addition, watching a few videos does not offer you the specialized training and experience that gives a HVAC professional the ability to diagnose, maintain and fix cooling systems. The following are the main reasons why you should avoid DIY air conditioner maintenance.

1. You Lack the Proper Tools

AC problems require special tools to diagnose and repair. There is a high likelihood that your homeowner toolbox does not have those necessary special tools. These tools can often be very expensive to buy, and they require special training to use effectively. Licensed HVAC technicians can access all the necessary tools, usually right from their company vehicle.

2. Voiding Your Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty usually covers AC units for about a decade after installation. This means the manufacturer will pay the costs of fixing your air conditioner if it fails to work during that time or will at least give you discounted services. This warranty will remain effective if you stick to the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer. One of the conditions in most of these contracts is that you hire a certified HVAC technician to maintain or repair your unit. As an unauthorized individual, attempting DIY repairs on your cooling system will automatically void your warranty. Therefore, you cease to enjoy the benefits of free or discounted repairs from the manufacturer and have to pay for everything from your pocket, which can be a hefty sum, especially if you end up having to replace the unit. Warranty terms and conditions are complicated documents with legal speak and abundant fine print. However, it would be best if you took the time to understand the benefits of your coverage and any actions on your part that may void the warranty.

3. Electricity Is Dangerous

AC units are powerful appliances that need high-voltage electrical power to run. If you do not have the proper training and experience, you might not know what to avoid when trying to service your unit. Even if you have some basic electrical knowledge, one wrong move could lead you to be electrocuted, which can often be life-threatening and require a trip to the emergency room. Additionally, central air conditioning units are connected to your entire home’s electrical system. Making a mistake could affect more than just the air conditioner. Instead of adding more bills that can result from the risks posed by working with high-voltage electricity, it is better to call a technician.

4. Repairs Are Time-consuming and Stressful

Diagnosing and repairing air conditioner issues can be hard even for the most experienced professionals and can take a significant amount of time. Therefore, when you attempt DIY AC maintenance, you might find that the process becomes longer than anticipated. If you do not have the required expertise, you will mostly spend a lot of time being stressed out trying to find the problem and, in the end, may not be successful with your repair. Leaving the issue in the hands of professionals will save you time and give you peace of mind.

5. DIY Repairs Can Be Costly

Attempting DIY air conditioner repairs may cost you. When disassembling or reassembling your unit to try to figure out the issue, you may damage a part of the unit that was in good working order. Replacing damaged parts may cost you more money than a professional repair bill would have. Furthermore, it is possible you may do major damage to your unit, requiring you to replace the unit altogether.

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